Independent Fashion Consultants

What makes our company successful as well as truly unique from other home shows? Our Independent Fashion Consultants!


  • The Jones Girlz Shoe Company completely pays for the inventory that each consultant carries to the show. There is no “Start up Kit”. You earn 20% for all sales but we pay for all the merchandise, as well as hostess benefits.
  • Hostess Benefit- Your hostess receives 10% of the totals sales in hostess credit to use that night. Then if anyone books a party off of her party, when she attends her friend’s party, she receives a free pair of shoes.
  • Our Parties are Fun! There is no presentation at the party by the consultant. It is a fun shopping experience for all guests who are able to enjoy an Open House type format. Great for busy mom’s on the go!
  • All guests take home their purchases that evening – everything is cash and carry! As a consultant you are not delivering products weeks later.
  • Our merchandise is always changing. We always offer a wide array of new styles. Customers are constantly seeing new and different merchandise at each and every party! Our shoes range from $25-$50. The Jones Girlz Shoe Company DOES NOT SELL KNOCKOFFS.
  • The Jones Girlz Shoe Company is constantly striving to guarantee the consultant an area that is not saturated with other The Jones Girlz Shoe Company consultants. With our company, you are part of a team and not competing with other consultants. Unlike other companies, we offer on-going training as well as sales support!
  • The Jones Girlz Shoe Company has developed a proven business model that has been successful in every market across the Nation.
  • Monthly contests to earn cash and prizes.

Of course the best part of being a The Jones Girlz Shoe Company consultant is the flexibility to schedule your own parties around home and family.

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